A shopping cart software built for conversions

Optimized for Digital Marketing

One time purchase

Easily set up Google Analytics

Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking with Google Analytics

Easily set up Facebook Pixel Tracking

Facebook Events Tracking - Add to cart, Initiate Checkout, Purchase

Set up Payment Gateway easily

Just sign up for Payumoney and enter the settings in admin. And you are ready to go !

Set up Visitor Video Recording

See what your website visitors are doing on your website

Set up Smartlook Visitor Recording easily

Set up Live Chat Easily

Start chatting live with your customers with the free Live chat software - Tawk.to

Just sign up at Tawk.to and enter the Site Id in the admin

Set up SMS Gateway

Your customer gets a SMS notification when they place an order

Set up Plivo SMS Gateway easily

Set up Email Gateway

Send emails that will reach your customer's inbox

Get 10,000 emails/month free

Fully Open Source code

Built in core PHP, MySql, Bootstrap

Easily modify and customize

Demo Store

Buy at launch price of Rs.999 only for first 100 customers